Best Online Coupons Options

Why Online Coupons Have Become Popular Recently, the economy in North American and Europe has been in a downturn. Unemployment rates have reached highs seldom seen since The Great Depression. People have begun to search for more ways to stretch their waning dollars. Couponing

Online Coupons

It’s a great time to get started saving money by clipping coupons. There are lots of manufacturer, store and local coupons to be had if you know where to look. While hard copy coupons are available from newspapers, magazines, in-store and through the mail,

Using Coupons to Get Free Groceries

We’ve all seen those headlines: “Woman quits job and earns $1M clipping coupons!” “Mom feeds family of four on $25 a week clipping coupons.” And we’ve treated those headlines and infomercials with huge skepticism and discredited it all as just so much false advertising.

The Secret to Saving Big Using Coupons

Have you ever been in a long, slow-moving line at the checkout of your favorite department or grocery store when the lady—It’s always a lady!—pulls out a thick wallet of coupons and starts to leaf through them. Everyone behind her—including you—heaves a large sigh.

The Digital Age Of Mobile Coupons

You arrive at your favorite coffee shop. When the cashier asks for $6.85, you hand her $6 and your tablet. She does something magical with her cash register and your tablet, and presto you’ve saved eighty-five cents on this and future orders. Welcome to

Making a Living at Coupon Clipping

There are significant savings to be made by shopping with paper coupons in your hand and now with mobile devices full of digital coupons. With the advent of online shopping websites are offering you incentives to use their coupon codes on your online order.

Smart Coupon Strategies

Choose Stores Wisely Some stores are very restrictive about coupons and others bend over backwards to make customers happy. Check out the store’s policy regarding coupons at their website. Choose stores with a policy that lets you maximize savings using coupons. Some large department

Living Rich with Coupon Clipping

Once thought to be something poor people did to try to supplement a small income, coupon clipping has now become the domain of the upper middle class. According to a Nielsen survey, the largest users of coupons are those with an annual income exceeding